Wednesday, May 18

So much for the afterglow...

Hey all. 
Thought I might as well drop on by and give my pretty bleak update about whats been up so far. Well actually... It hasn't really been that bad, it's kinda been somewhat good.

Anyways.. so what's been up? 

Well for starters, I've met someone! It's pretty great at the moment. He is a pretty top guy, absolutely amazing so far.... But, no matter how wonderful he is I cant help but comparing him to the last relationship, Im trying not to, I just cant help it. I just keep thinking "when is this going to turn sour". It's probably not a good start to a relationship with negative thoughts playing through my head. 

It was mothers day recently. I got spoilt! It was great spending the day with my daughter and the new mister. We had breakfast with my mum, and the mister took Tilds and I out to. And then to make a great day strange, we had mothers day dinner with his mum... yep, that's right.. meeting the parents already!

Not really much else has been happening. I have a job interview tomorrow morning which is pretty exciting. It will be interesting starting paid work again.. I needed to do something, I just haven't been able to get into my studies this year, so I figured I would be able to finish my studies off online while working.. and getting paid! Its going to be so strange getting back into the "work force".

I think that's all from me.. I'll probably drop back again soon and post  about something. Until then, have a great day!

P.S. The blog post tittle is in reference to So much for the afterglow- Everclear

Im thinking its a song that defines my mood at the moment.. enjoy.

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  1. Sometimes we just have to take the risk of love. Wishing you and Tilds the best of everything!


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