Monday, May 23

Happy 1st birthday blog!!!

Today is my dear little blogs first birthday.. Happy birthday blog.

I have not always been good to you, leaving you for days and weeks. You have kept me company during lonely nights, and gave me a place to vent on occasion. You are usually on my mind, and I think about you when something cool happens.. and then I forget to inform you about it later. 
Thanks again blog for being around.

My blogs birthday is just the start of birthdays for this month. Tilda's dad has his birthday on the 25th, Mine is on the 30th and Miss Bug (Tilds) is on the 31st - turning the big 2!!! 

Busy, busy, busy month!


  1. A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY for all of you including your blog for this month! Have a wonderful month of celebrations and well done for getting through a whole year of blogging..I'm not there until August!

  2. Our blogs could be twins ... well almost my 1st Blogirthday is tomorrow! Happy 1st Anniversary :)

  3. Happy blog birthday!!! Also a huge happy birthday hug and wish to all of you. What a busy month!


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