Thursday, April 14


Well, I've been kinda slack on the posting side of things. Heaps of pictures but not much of everything else. This probably wont be changing any time soon, but the pictures will keep coming. 

I've been pretty busy studying, and now that I'm on holidays I've been procrastinating. I'm quite good at not doing what I'm suppose to be doing! Thus far, my kitchen is spotless, my gardening is finally getting sorted (goodbye jungle - hello semi-country cottage garden). If I put all that countless energy that I've spent doing other things into actually doing my assignments I may be getting somewhere!

I dont know... I've kinda lost my inspiration. I didn't have much to begin with, but I think it's completely gone now. I need to find it again. I have four assignments building up and not an interest in one of them. I'm starting to loathe the word sociology. I can't even think of an introduction for my sociology essay - that's how bad it is. 

I guess it's been put on hold because I've been making up for lost time with Tilds. It's hard not seeing her during the days. I know I'm trying to build us a better life but I still feel like a pretty crappy parent for not spending all my time with her. What's worse is I know that I have many more years of studying in front of me. At the end of this year I will have my Diploma in Social Services, and next year.. off to uni to continue on. 

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I know it's there, I just can't see it at the moment. 

Well, enough procrastinating, I'm going to attempt an introduction on my sociology assignment!



  1. Matilda knows how much you adore her, and one day she will thank you for going through this for her. Keep your chin up.
    You are doing a fantastic job. It's tough being a Mum. Tougher still doing it solo. You are doing the best you can, and she knows she's loved, and that's all she could want x

  2. There are days when your blog photos of Matilda bring the biggest smile to my face. It really means a lot. You hang in there, Sweetie. You are doing a fabulous job. You seem to spend more time with your little angel than most women I know. The modern world is filled with time thieves but she knows you adore her and you are there when it really matters.


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