Thursday, April 7

The girl of many faces...

Today my little girl wasn't feeling to well. She was throwing up last night and all day. It wasn't to pleasant, and was an epic pain cleaning and re cleaning spew off the sheets. 
Even though she wasn't feeling to well she still kept her happy demeanour, we went outside for most of the day (easier to clean up vomit if it's outside in case you are wondering), and we took some pictures. 

So here they are, pics of my happy, sick, little comedian toddler. Fingers crossed the sickness is gone by tomorrow, I'm not sure how much more vomit I can cope with!

Oh.. and tonight is her first night sleeping in a bed instead of a cot. So far so good, no complaints with going to bed and she is still sleeping soundly and she hasn't fallen out of bed yet! Yay.
She gets her proper bed for easter/her birthday from Nan & Pop. She is also getting moved into the bigger room before her birthday. Yay for more space for random toys and kids junk!


  1. Hope she gets better soon!
    Glad to see she's still as cheeky as ever, despite being sick, and hope the transfer into a big bed, continues to work out as well as it has :)

  2. Thanks Tara! I'm hoping very much the big bed works out..
    I'm not to keen on waking up in the middle of the night any more, it's getting far to cold lol

  3. I hate that your little angel is sick and certainly hope it passes quickly! I adore these photos. She is such a beautiful little girl with a HUGE personality! Good luck with the new bed as well.

  4. Your little girl is soooo cute! Hope she's all better now - you wouldn't know she's sick by looking at her!


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