Wednesday, March 2

Whoopsi daisy!

Well, Tilds gave herself a black eye today. She didn't get a nap at daycare so this arvo at Nana's (Matt's house) she was in that over-tired kind of hyper... So she was jumping around being silly and bam! She whacked her head on the side of the futon (metal arm rests) and that was it, instant black eye.
She was good though, she had a cry for about a minute and then got distracted with her car.
We really need to change daycare places. Bossy toddler is still with Tilds. When I get a free day (hopefully tomorrow morning) I'll hunt around for a good place to take her.

On a positive note, I have my "pamper pack" appointment tomorrow. I'm so excited, I got the gift voucher for it for christmas so it's well overdue. I get a facial, massage, eyebrow wax and my eyelashes coloured. It's good timing because I'm performing in the Mardi Gra parade this saturday! I also have my cousins baby shower on sunday. My weekend is so busy!

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  1. Poor Matilda :(
    Glad to see she was up and at it again fairly quickly, and hopefully you can find somewhere away from Bossy Toddler, too :) :)

  2. Ohhh poor baby:( Arnt they funny the way they hype up instead of calming down! I hope you enjoy your pamper tomorrow, it sounds divine:)

  3. Poor little sweetheart! Have a wonderful day tomorrow.


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