Monday, March 21

point & shoot

Doll house fun at Nana's!!

Tomorrow we fly to Queensland so we had a pretty easy weekend, just chilled out at home and at Nana's. 
It was nice to finally have some peace and quiet away from our busy schedule.
For more point & shoot join in over @ fatmumslim


  1. I love the second picture. The dolly up the top and Tilds down the bottom and all you can see is legs. So cute!

  2. What a magnificent doll house! My inner child is begging me for one right now.

  3. Doll houses are the best thing the play with. Hours of fun!
    Have a great time in QLD enjoy the break ;)

  4. What a seriously brilliant dollshouse!! I bet your girl has a wonderful time playing with it. Hope you are feeling a lot better, enjoy your break away! :)


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