Sunday, May 27

So much can happen in six months!

Well hello there!

This will be my first post in nearly six months. SIX loooooonnnggggg months! Bloody exciting if you ask me!

So what's new?

Well, as I type this my FIANC√ČE is in the kitchen making me dinner.. Yeah, I'm engaged now! How awesome is that! The lovely partner proposed at the most gorgeous look-out point after taking me out for dinner on the 21st  March, 2012. It was so romantic.... even for the cynic I am haha!

My daughters third birthday is this Thursday coming.  I have been an amazing mummy for three years now, I still find it hard to believe I have raised this absolutely gorgeous, strong minded, lovable little girl.

We are currently in the midst of planning our wedding, which is set for September 21, 2013. We had to post-pone the date due to "finances". We have found our perfect venue and pay the deposit on Monday, and we are currently looking for photographers and a celebrant. Planning a wedding is so very exciting!

We all went to Tasmania last month. That was pretty cool. Tasmania has been a place on my vision board for the last year and a half now, so I was pretty happy to mark it off my list. We had a great time there. We visited the cadbury factory, picked fruit, check out some old goals. It was loads of fun doing stuff as a family... just the partner, Tilds and I.

Thats pretty much whats been happening in the last six months.. besides working, easter and mothers day. We also got some pretty cool news to share, but I'll save that for another post!

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  1. This is so sweet! what do you say about following each other?:X


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