Tuesday, June 14

Circus night!

Tilds & Daddy
Tilds & Mummy
Inside the Circus!
Last Friday I found out the circus was in town, so in typical me style, I convinced Tilda's dad and my partner to come along with Tilds and I to the circus. I haven't been to the circus since I was a child, and it was Tilda's first time. 
We arrived and brought our tickets, ringside, brought our popcorn and doughnuts (can't see a circus without popcorn!) and us adults got coffee, we then proceeded in to sit down. The second it started little Tilds was mesmerised! Her eyes looked in wonder at the lions, tightrope walker and trapeze acts. I found it more interesting to watch the gorgeous expressions on miss Tilda's face then to actually watch the show. 

It was a pretty cold night, but I am so glad we went. In a sense it was very nostalgic for me. It brought back so many memories from my childhood. My little brother and I, watching the elephants, lions and clowns, eating our popcorn, and jumping in our seats when the tight rope walker nearly slips, but instead makes a full recovery and follows it up by doing several back flips on his tight rope!

Oh how I love the circus!

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